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Sean Murphy & Michele C - Wild Things

Dodano: 2018-12-07

Wyświetleń: 31961

Czas trwania: 02:56

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Opis materiału Sean Murphy & Michele C - Wild Things

                  Listen / Stream / Download: https://garuda168.lnk.to/WT 

From the cascading arpeggios of the intro and Michele C’s soft vocals to the impactful melody and drop, Sean Murphy’s ‘Wild Things’ brings beauty, power and emotion together.

Untamed yet extremely easy on the ear, this record offers an unparalleled harmony any Trance fan can lose themself in.                


danny sohilait
Tomasz Wierzbinski
A massive track it really is!!! Greetings from Poland to all trance listeners!
Lucas Bochenek
I never would have thought a song would give me chills so much and almost bring me to tears
mohamed boukhary
Amazing 😉
Rob van Oudshoorn
명곡 발견
Pratigya Thapa
.....takes me away.......😍❤❤❤
Francesco Barillari
Top track.
Joe Ninety
Yeah, good track. Everything Garuda touches, seems to be gold, of late. Congrats.
Nice Track! On 1:20 -----> Volume 100