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Annie Lennox - Don't let it bring you down (American Beauty). Subtitulada

Dodano: 2010-03-01

Wyświetleń: 1481191

Czas trwania: 03:37

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Opis materiału Annie Lennox - Don't let it bring you down (American Beauty). Subtitulada



"I hope you don't mind if I play the stereo?""Not at all. Bad night?""Not really bad, just... strange.""Believe me. It couldn't possibly be any stranger than mine.""Jane and I had a fight. It was about you. She's mad at me because... I said I think you're sexy.""Do you want a sip?""Sure.""So, you gonna tell me? What do you want?""I don't know.""You don't know?""What do you want?""Are you kidding? I want you. I wanted you since the first moment I saw you. You were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.""You think I'm ordinary?""you couldn't be ordinary if you tried.""Thank you. I don't think there's anything worse than being ordinary."
wulverine Loegan
Children are drinking contaminated water, eating clay mixed with lard and terrorized but gorilla factions, but dont let it bring you down.
wulverine Loegan
"Be mindful to entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware." Forget your pride, give your heart to EVERYONE and mind not the snares of those who entertain no one.
I loved this film and still think it's magnificent
Matthias Dietl
Chris Bosco
You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...
Jesús Gómez
Mi película favorita
sheila Predmore
Love this song. Perfect lovemaking song. Couldn't ask for a better erotic masterpiece.
Andrew Thomas
Mark Chappell
I. Be. Work until I dead. See you on the other side sweety girl.