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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987 Full Movie)

Dodano: 2016-12-20

Wyświetleń: 98358

Czas trwania: 01:48:56

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Opis materiału Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987 Full Movie)

                  When Hamilton High's Prom Queen of 1957, Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) is killed by her jilted boyfriend, she comes back for revenge 30 years later.                


Devin Paul
"This rock n' roll'll never last." Well, he's not quite wrong-- it never was as good again. Sure, it technically never left, but the majority of it has always been soulless grinding weapons grade ASSGARBAGE.
Josh S
One of my favorite Horror flicks. This movie is awesome. And Mary Lou was hot as fuck
Haley Bannister
Her mom looks like the wicked witch of the west.
zaza aziza
Last time I saw this movie it was on VHS in 1991. It is as wonderful as I remember. Also, her boyfriend was looked every year of 40
This is a "B" movie, but well-done. I saw this many years ago, but can still get a few chills.
Uh long sleeve dresses existed in the 50’s. Not everything was always about boobs
1:18- AAAAAHHHHH! ...Aaaaahhhhh. ...(Sigh) Sorry about that.3:30- (As Priest) Well, I have a confession for YOU. I'm in the middle of a comedy movie, and due to wacky circumstances, I just winded up in this confessional, and I'm not a real priest, so I don't care.6:43- (As Mary Lou) Oh yeah, I forgot. Everything is good now.7:10- (As Douche #2) The principal always comes into the stall to see how shits are going.9:26- (As Bill) Throw an actual stink bomb at her! The liquid will put out the fire!9:36- (As fire blanket refusing idiot) Well, I tried.12:52- (Insert laugh-track here)16:12- (As Bill) I'm afraid you're gonna star in Prom Night 2. (As Craig) I learned it from YOU, Dad! I learned it from watching YOU! (As Bill) SKINNERHOUSE!16:31- Uuuuuuuuuuh. Oh wow.16:47- (As Hairy Hair McParachute Pants)They're afraid if my hair gets any bigger, it'll take over my entire body.20:35- (As Bill) Why the hell do I have this picture in the first place?22:15- (As Hairy Hair McParachute Pants) I'm more hair now than woman. Twisted and evil.24:51- (BUM BUM BUUUUUM) Oh, I didn't know you can get hair pregnant.27:47- (As Hairy Hair McParachute Pants) "CAN'T BELIEVE I HAD SUCH A SERIOUS STORYLINE FOR NO REASON FEEL BAD FOR ME I GUEEEEESSSSS! [Splat!]28:45- Did Mary Lou do that? Did she hate herself? I suppose that makes sense. I mean I hate her.29:02- (As sobbing girl) She messed up the art room.29:12- (As funeral attendee) Actually, she believed in reincarnation!29:28- Dude, if you've got nothing, just admit it. 31:14- Well, she might be dead, but her hair will never die. Goldilocks here is proof of that.32:26- Okay, some actual praise here. These other world like spots are some of the best parts of this film.43:15- (As Vicki) I mean come on, guys. Not tonight. I got a headache.44:19- (As Mr. Rocking Head) [Horse noise] I must say, RUUUUUDE!47:10- (As priest) THE DOTTY OF SIGHST COMPELS YOU! Whoops, that's one for the blooper reel. Hahahahaha. [BLOOPER!]1:00:44- His half-assed attempt to put the fire out?1:00:48- OH, yeah. Yeah, I...I suppose that'd be...pretty...bad, too.1:03:16- (As Pervert Teacher) Heheee.1:03:34- Take that, Toast Crotch Teacher.1:04:06- Well, her friend came to the conclusion that she had powers pretty quick.1:08:08- (Insert Kool-Aid song here) Pfffff. THAT WAS AMAZING! But you better drink that up right now, or else she's gonna spoil.1:09:16- Don't you want TO HAVE A POINT TO WHAT YOU'RE DOING?!?!?!1:11:25- Thank you for that.1:13:06- (As wrestling announcer) SPEAR! SPEAR! SHE IS BROKEN IN HALF!1:14:06- Ha, I really wish you'd left it at that. Though, clocking Ultra Weiner over the head is an okay second.1:14:50- (As Bill) It's just that open suitcases scare the shit out of me.1:15:10- (As Bill) SKINNERHOUSE!1:15:22- (As Bill) I LOOOVED YOOOOOUUUUU!1:16:51- So, Mary Lou is stuck in a timewarp, but she knew how to record an answering machine message? Also, she felt THAT was important to do before leaving? Well, I suppose that IS in keeping with her character.1:17:07- Haha. Oh, Goldilocks, you are the best of the worst.1:17:23- Fuck, he changed out of "serious business" knitted sweater?1:20:38- Hey, does this make Mary Lou the very first internet ghost? Actually, I'm pretty sure it's just a LAND ghost. All you need is black electrical tape instead of RED tape to take care of those ones.1:21:20- (As announcer) Diet Pepsi!1:21:33- So, this is really why Mary Lou is here: to win Prom Queen. I SO would never have voted for her.1:22:40- OOOOOH BOOOOOY.1:23:57- Well, maybe she'll get help and Vicky will still be alrigh-1:24:35- ...Nnnnnevermind.1:29:00- (Cut to Scorpion from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation shouting "SUCKER!") Didn't she have ro rip out of her chest again to switch back, or that's just the one-time deal?1:30:34- ......I, uuuuuh. Whaaaaa? (Sees explosion again) Oh, NOW I get it.
Really well made film. A lot of very creative ideas and they really went the extra mile for even the shortest of scenes, even on their low budget (the dream scene when she was in the "hell" school cafeteria and hallway was brilliant). Films like this need to be more remembered and appreciated. Thumbs way up all the way!!!!
Ďrippy Đřê Aquaman
The Original was the BEST, the second is unnecessary but ok, the third and fourth are the WORST and forgettable, the loosely based remake is great.
Tiffany J
Dam night of the living dead ....... just like my old nursing home job on 3rd shift