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RelaxTrio - Blackguard Johnny [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Dodano: 2017-05-25

Wyświetleń: 75371

Czas trwania: 03:27

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Opis materiału RelaxTrio - Blackguard Johnny [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

                  The first single from our upcoming EP "No Grudges" is out!
Pre-order: http://www.junglerecords.fi/relaxtrio-no-grudges-ep.html

Special thanks to:
Aleksi Rinne for film and edit
All the actors
Markku Pekonen
Riff Raff Mc
Pub Hovinarri                


Rama Wibawa
This song rumble in the live good song rock n rolla
Ratko Martinovic
Quality Scandinav..opps NORDIC EU sound.
Tascam 488MK1 Home multitrack recording
This is sooooo good. I'm really tired of all the shit that passes for music. I love you guys.
Killer57755 Radewich
Хуясе. Ніштячачок
Paddy Maguire
What's he drinkin, gasoline? Thanks! 🎼
Jos Zomer
She sounds a bit like Imelda May :-))
Быдло Лысое
Деваха при контрабасе рулит!)
Only one of them got thrown out?
...LOVE this Band!!!...Great music since a long time for me...Greets to YOU!!! The Billy :-D
john sandiford
Great music and i'm an oldie,thanks for sharing