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Lost Frequencies ft. Flynn - Recognise (Junior Sanchez Remix)

Dodano: 2019-05-03

Wyświetleń: 4121386

Czas trwania: 02:39

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Opis materiału Lost Frequencies ft. Flynn - Recognise (Junior Sanchez Remix)

                  Stream this Junior Sanchez remix now via; xx

Stream RECOGNISE via: https://FF018.lnk.to/Recognise   

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Hot off the back of his headline US tour and previous Found Frequencies smash hits including ‘Like I Love You’ with indie darlings The NGHBRS, as well as the 'most played track on Dutch Radio' in 2018 'Crazy' with Zonderling, label head Lost Frequencies returns with the irresistible ‘Recognise’ featuring new artist Flynn.

A shining star when it comes to both his record-breaking solo tracks, as well as a plethora of collaborations with the industry’s most promising vocalists and producers alike, Lost Frequencies takes acoustic guitar plucks and sensual, emotive soaring vocals from Flynn on ‘Recognise’. Merging with Lost Frequencies’ tropical take on self-proclaimed “indie-dance”, the work of the two artists together on this collaboration transcends genres, fusing together brooding pop, introspective lyrics and native woodwind and studio-driven percussion for a brooding pop hit.

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Arakaza David
Hey guys , can anyone help me?? ,i want the accapella and instrumentals,to remix this song!
Michaela Varmužová
Amazing music for me!!!!
Mi canción favorita
Noemy Alejandra Garcia Espinoza
me gusta mucho
Ricardo Garcia
¿4 millones de visitas? Rayos
Gabe Lazar
why does THIS has more views than the masterpiece that the original is???
HassanShaf Gaming
Why am i listening to this in 2019?
omg this fucking good vibes
Mark Simmons
Found this by accident, added to playlist for life! Well done!! 1 hour version please :)
Granit Krasniqi
You sow cool