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Baba Yetu - Civilization IV Theme - Peter Hollens & Malukah (The Lord's Prayer in Swahili)

Dodano: 2014-08-19

Wyświetleń: 6174212

Czas trwania: 03:53

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Opis materiału Baba Yetu - Civilization IV Theme - Peter Hollens & Malukah (The Lord's Prayer in Swahili)

                  The Best version of Baba Yetu (other than the original) Christopher Tin Approved! 
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Swahili Lyrics:
Baba yetu, Yetu uliye
Mbinguni yetu, Yetu amina!
Baba yetu Yetu uliye
M jina lako e litukuzwe.

Utupe leo chakula chetu
Tunachohitaji utusamehe
Makosa yetu, hey!
Kama nasi tunavyowasamehe
Waliotukosea usitutie
Katika majaribu, lakini
Utuokoe, na yule, muovu e milele!

Ufalme wako ufike utakalo
Lifanyike duniani kama mbinguni. Amina.

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I just heard Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight") and got this song next on youtube. I love Baba Yetu and the work of Christopher Tin, so I'm just surprised at how wonderful two persons could sound like a choir singing different parts. How do they put this together? Amazing!
Michi Kun
No wonder it’s African language I thought it’s Mongolian
Petr Kokoška
bee you tea full
What I find the amazing thing is that I kept scrolling and scrolling and seen none thumbs down!
your mom
I can't explain how much I hate this song.
Meant to leave a comment on the civilization vid but I clicked this vid's thumbnail way too fast! Loved them both!
Christopher Fiegle
Your civ 6 choir brought me here.
Stelios Moustakis
this is incredibly beautiful
Gus Mashensic
Watching this again in 2019, still one of my favorites, do more collabs with Malukah please!
Unoriginal 156
I did this in Choir my junior year