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Showtek - Listen To Your Momma [Official Lyric Video]

Dodano: 2019-03-21

Wyświetleń: 408045

Czas trwania: 03:55

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Opis materiału Showtek - Listen To Your Momma [Official Lyric Video]

                  🔈 OUT NOW: Showtek - Listen To Your Momma ► https://lnk.skink.nl/LTYM
🔈 Showtek Spotify Playlist Listen Here ►  https://spoti.fi/2W80ANJ

United by a love for music, excitement, artistic freedom and adventure, Showtek's 'Listen to Your Momma' fuses elements of global rhythm's with their trademark festival-ready sound, and is out now our own Skink Records label.

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More info → http://showtek.nl                


Henrik Bleckmann
That's what I'm always talking about... Showtek should return to the BIGROOM.. They are fucking Gods with Blasterjaxx
Wow i love it!
Naofal Abog
How this didn’t reach million views ?
Your Hardstyle tracks back in the days had a much better sound quality lol.
Juliano moreira
back to Hardstyle legends
Manal Johnston
When the DJ in the nightclub puts this song all mothers starts dancing and I am one of them. 💃💃💃
Manal Johnston
Finally. Thanks for this song. All mommas were waiting for this kind of song. I will let my child listen to this song when she becomes a teenage so it reminds her of me when she gets in troubles.
Welcome back, Showtek!
Dhimas P. Sipahutar
After 5 years waiting this song 💥🎉
Finally after a long time a real Showtek track again!