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Dodano: 2019-02-22

Wyświetleń: 205905

Czas trwania: 09:21

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Opis materiału DREAM THEATER - At Wit's End (AUDIO)

                  "Distance Over Time", out February 22nd, 2019. Order now: https://dream-theater.lnk.to/DistanceOverTimeID                


player P
where is Mangini haters?
Jan Arevalo
I must see this live
Matthew Hindson
Would have been great to have George Michael singing the middle bit (RIP). No offence to the other singer, just a thought. This is a really terrific song - bravo! And the false ending! :)
Thing of beauty this song!! 🔥🤘🏻
Richard M
0:49-1:06 reminds me of under a glass moon.
Jackson Teller
You motherfuckin' LaBrie haters, do you know that he wrote this song? Now you know and can fuck yourselves.
Jamie Lange
If angels sang and played guitar: At Wit's End
ID ™
I ❤️ Dream Theater
JB Metalhead
Can't get enough of this amazing song!Best track on the album!
thar zin
Special like