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Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran - Toronto

Dodano: 2015-11-08

Wyświetleń: 815566

Czas trwania: 04:33

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Opis materiału Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran - Toronto

                  November 5, 2015
The Madness Fall Tour                


My really good friend was at this concert and mentioned Ed showed up. I had never heard of this song until she mentioned it, it’s a fantastic song. Still have no idea what Ed was doing in Toronto, it’s so random hahah but happy for all my fellow Torontonians who got to see him live!
Tomas Velasquez
I’m a straight male but if I saw Ed Sheeran come out, my panties would drop
Diego Alonso Tay Leturia
Yskit 000
Those high notes are incredible! Abel!!!
Song i listen to when im rock bottom
God damn woman stop moving the fringing camera
Prd Obecny
2 legends
danny _
Sorry not even my mother can love me for me
Tiffani Velazquez
When two Aquarian’s are on stage together.
Ima Weeknd Fan but Boi Ed Nailed it