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12 Hour Trance MEGAMIX

Dodano: 2016-07-07

Wyświetleń: 226273

Czas trwania: 11:41

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Opis materiału 12 Hour Trance MEGAMIX


1.Cape Town - Pitstop 
2.Activa - Magnetic  
3.Thomas Datt - Alone 
4.Rank 1 - Awakening
5.Mr Sam Vs Tim Coltrane pres. The Tribute - One More Day
6.Alex Al Onions - I Surrended 
7.Lostly - Not Giving In  
8.Neptune Project - Aztec 
9.Fred Baker - Total Blackout 
10. Nephilim - Synchronized 
11.Paul van Dyk - Out There 
12.Accadia - Blind Visions (Neptune Projects Third Eye Remix)
13.Whirlpool vs Octagen - Alaska (Filo & Peri Remix)
14.Sunny Lax - P.U.M.A. 
15.Armin Van Buuren - Blue Fear 
16.DJ Hein - Energetic Rhythm (Donkey Rollers Remix)  
17.P.O.S - Gravity 
18.Stuart Milar - Airplein
19.Solarstove ft. Scot Bond - 3rd earth
20.Ridgewalkers ft. EI - Find (Andy Moor Remix)
21. Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark train)
22. Active Sight - Out of Our Lives
23. Bedrock - heaven scent 
24. Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk
25. Randy Katana - Pleasure Island 
26. Pandemonium Projects - The Active Building
27. Sayla - Majestic (Arizona vs. Passiva)
28. 4 Strings - Let it Rain (Instrumental)
29. Thomas Datt - 2 v 2 (Robert Nicson Remix)
30. Wavetraxx - A new day 
31.Kenidel Lopez - Heaven's Caliber (Thomas Datt Remix) 
32.Dan Stone - Fahrenheit 
33.Ayu - Boy & Girls (Push Instrumental Dub)
34.DJ Erwin ft. Shame - W.E.T 
35.Kuffdam & Plant - Summerdream (Paul Van Dyk Rework)
36.Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix)
37.Three Drives - Carrera 2 
38.DJ Danjo & Rob Styles - Duende 
39.John Vesta - Gull  /R.I.P John Vesta/
Hour4 :
40.Nu Nrg Feat. Gate 4 - Astralis 
41.Starecase - Not so Blue 
42.Wirefly The Verdict (Gareth Emery & Mark Dedross Mix) 
43.Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You 
44.Hemstock & Jennings - Arctic 
45.The Chemical Brothers - Asleep From Day 
46.Reflekt.ft Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved 
47.Mossy - Never Give Up 
48.Solid Sessions - Fatal Morgana
49.Mads Arp - Slow It Down (Mathilda mix)
50.Armin van Buuren Feat - Wall Of Sound
51.Martin Roth - Shockwaves (Technopunk Mix)
Hour5 :
52.DJ Ermit - Tanz Der Seele (YOMC Club Mix)
53.Matthew Dekay Vs. Proluctors - Bad 
54.Body Shock - Break This
55.Probspot - Midnight
56.Virtual Vault - Request (Orchestral Mix) 
57.John Gibbons & Scimon Tist - Beautiful Filth (Paul Webbster Remix)
58.DJ Mirko Milano - Stopp & Go
59.DJ Sammy  - Sunlight (Dj Shog Remix)
60.Deep Voices - Alone Again (Thomas Datt Remix)
61.BT - Race Wars (unreleased)
62.Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth
63.Moguai - U know y
64.Viframa - Cristalle (Katana Precision Remix)
65.Randy Katana - You and I
66.Mark Norman - Stream
67.Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid
68.Ernesto vs. Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon
69.Dj Ton.T.B - Electronic Malfunction
70.Ultra Spin - Metro
71.Flutlicht - Icarus (Deadalus Mix)
72.Lange - I Belive (DJ Tandu Remix) 
73.Tiesto vs Kosheen - Hide U vs Flight 643
74.David Forbes - Questions Must Be Asked (Kyau vs. Albert Remix)
75.Strise & Nurretin Colak - Frozen Dreams (Six Senses Remix)
76.Envio - Touched By The Sun 
77.A Force - Atomic Outbreak 
78.Tranquility Base - Surrender 
79.Mike Sonar & Nivaya - Altercation (Oliver P Remix)
80.Fast Distance - The Sun (Oliver P Remix)
81.Push - Strange World (2000 Remake)
82.Veracocha - Carte Blanche 
83.Armin - Communication 
84.DJ Tiesto - Suburban Train 
85.Inbox - Freelancer 
86.Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Platinum 
87.Rank 1 - L.E.D There Be Light 
88.Max Graham - Does She Know Yet 
89.Max Graham - Dying To Survive 
90.Primo Lux - The wall
91.Push - Universal Nation
92.Fictivision vs C-Quence - Symbols 
93.ATB - Basic Love 
94.Armin Van Buuren - Birth Of A Angel 
95.Fire & Ice - Out Of Darkness 
96.Armin van Buuren - Sunburn 
97.BT - Fibonacci Squence 
98.MK-S  -  Illuminate (Mind One Remix) 
99.Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days 
100.Dan Stone-Fahrenheit 
101.Ferrin & Low - Westworld (Main mix)
102.Moonman - Don't Be Afraid 
103.M.I.K.E - NightFall 
104.Rank 1  -  Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom
105.Darren Tate - Prayer For A God 
106.4 Strings - Back To Basics  vs Futureshock - Spark  
107.Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank1 Remix)
108.Alibi - Eternity (Inercity Mix)
109.Primer - Everlast 
110.Sensorica Vs Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)
111.Arcane - Somewhere (Dave Swayze Remix)
112.Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach 
113.Synergy - Hello Strings 
114.Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine 
115.Hensha - The Curtain  
116.Marcos - Just for A Day (Marc Van Linden remix)
117.Qattara - The Truth (Coufsat Mix)
118.Rank 1  - Passage To The Unknown
119.Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza 
120.Three Drives - Greece 2000 
121.Ummet Ozcan - Next Phase (Phase 2 Mix)
122.Temple One - World Beyond 
123.John OCallaghan & Bryan Kearney - Restricted Motion (Airbase Remix)
124.GTR - Mistral 
125.Radiohead - Street Spirit (Tiesto Mix)
126.Marc Marberg with Kyau and Albert - Neo Love (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
127.Luc Poublon - Quantum Leap (Lucs Original Mix)
128.Terry Bones vs Fred Baker present Water Planet - Introspection                


Maarten Kos
Very nice mix, very good selection of trance tracks
Tony Smith
Riddle me this.... How do you put together a 12 hour Trance Mix and include no Daniel Kandi??? smh
Charley Weinhardt
what!? no song list??
ser osan
Музыка супер! особенно 10:16 далее 10:21 вообще бомба,еще 8:42 1:46 2:35
Corporal Doom
Larsen Dsouza
send me the download link please
David Simmons
My friend has sent me a sign from the other side. He died from a skateboard accident when he fell backwards and cracked his skull. He is still alive. And wants us to know he loves us all who believe in the after life. Music is the key to another door way. Believe in yourself and everything is possible.
but its only 11 hours :(
9THWonder OfTheWorld
Great mix !!!!!
112 HR
how long does upload last? :DIn Trance we trust