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eMinus feat Mr Neko - Yes Or No (2015)

Dodano: 2015-12-31

Wyświetleń: 2867

Czas trwania: 05:04

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Opis materiału eMinus feat Mr Neko - Yes Or No (2015)

                  eMinus feat  Mr Neko - Yes Or No                


Rebeca B
VERY nice Radu !!! 🍃🌺
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
My body started "shiftin" by "the Music". 😄😉Give 💝 ~~~~ 💝 ~~~~ 💝 ~~~~ Music
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
In this Video....1, Another cool and beautiful Rhythm2, Beautiful Video3, Good singer
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
It's Funny/Cool name of song "Yes or No" 😄And it's another kinds of "beautiful RHYTHM"
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
"Yes or No" Super! it's another "beautiful RHYTHM & video. * Now I shrug my shoulders with the music! 😀
Very nice bit song love italodisco
Momo Joue
Hello. Very nice bit song love italodisco with videoclip vote ★★★★★♥♥♥♥♥thanks for posting
Tadeusz Kalinowski
**Hello beautifully in the last week of the year! ...Let you in life rejoice; ";"Each beauty everywhere! ";"Take advantage of moments; ";"The second will be no more! ";"And yet every moment; ";"It is life so precious! ";"Each time is different; ";"And while different! ";"Let the luck enters; ";"The heart and love burning! ";"Do not let go of happiness; ";"Tight squeeze hands! ........HAPPY NEW YEAR......... / | _ ★ ★ ... ... ... ★ ★ ... / | _...** SUPER SONG**