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3D Modeling Tutorial #46 - Modifiers Part 2

Dodano: 2014-05-24

Wyświetleń: 5798

Czas trwania: 23:43

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #46 - Modifiers Part 2

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #46 - Modifiers Part 2

In this video I'll give you a comprehensive explanation of 3D Studio Max's modifiers and practical uses for them. 

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10:35 Buttplug XD
luis lopez
flex = boob phisics
Edward Ramos
FFD = Free-form Deformation, but you probably know that by now. Great Vid.
Rex Suministrado
you are god sent thank you so much for sharing
paul van
Great work, Arrimus! keep up on doing the same amazing job and please keep up on posting your super usefull tuts!
Darko Bakula
Lattice could be cool to use for some kind of particle effects or special festival lights.
Had never seen the Linked Xform modifier before, very cool thanks!