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"Not Alone" Lyrics - RED - Until We Have Faces

Dodano: 2011-02-04

Wyświetleń: 11399442

Czas trwania: 04:17

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Opis materiału "Not Alone" Lyrics - RED - Until We Have Faces

                  I love this song because it reminds me of what a loving and faithful God I serve. :)

Deuteronomy 31:6

Absolutely NO copyright infringement intended.
"Not Alone" is copyrighted 2011 by Logansong Music (BMI)/EMI and Blackwood Music (BMI)

This is "Not Alone" from RED's new album "Until We Have Faces".                


Robert Phillips
I don't care how many people like this comment, but God saved my life from the devil. The devil almost killed me, I was so defenseless. But God came through and saved my life. I won't say how or what almost happened, but I do want to say God is always with you no matter what. He loves you, even when you think he's given up on you. I'm so blessed to be alive and on this Earth, God has a plan.
Wilfred The Cat
I will find you again my friend... I am sorry for hurting you... For not trusting you... For not believing in you... I just hope you are alright... That nothing happened... You disappeared without warning or trace... I want to have you back with me, I will stop at nothing to find you! To be by your side no matter what. I pray for your well being... I love and miss you Andy... I hope you forgive me...
Austin Pearson
I am with you, I will carry you through it all, I won't leave you, I will catch you when you feel like letting go, 'cause your not, your not alone
Whatever People
What the fuck is EMI about?Anybody know?"Logansong" Who the fuck are these people? O.O
Helen Froehlich
he has been with me for 6 years, i love you a......
Julian Vargas
Awesome song👍🏽
Austin Pearson
Such a sad but beautiful song
Austin Pearson
Didn't get