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[Vocal Deep House Mix] - November 2018 Selections #72

Dodano: 2018-10-28

Wyświetleń: 6384270

Czas trwania: 55:10

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Opis materiału [Vocal Deep House Mix] - November 2018 Selections #72

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1)[00:00]Elegantemente - Save Me (ash Remix)
2)[04:20]Briana - Lost in Istambul (Pascal Junior Remix)
3)[08:51]Fabrizio Parisi & MiYan feat. Belonoga - Sunbeams (DJ Tarkan Remix)
4)[13:57]Nexeri feat Jex - Games(Robert Christian Remix)
5)[17:23]Robert Cristian ft. Serena - Summer Air
6)[21:03]Fabrizio La Marca - Summer Dreamin (Original Mix)
7)[26:41]Ian Careyy - Keep on Risin (Velker Remix)
8)[31:05]Anton Ishnutin - Kick It  (Original Mix)
9)[34:48] Kate Linn - Your Love (Anthony Keyrouz Remix)
10)[37:51]Nexeri - Obsession ( Robert Christian Remix)
11)[40:41]Kanita - Dont Let Me Go (Gon Haziri Remix)
12)[43:45]TRU Concept - Save Me (ft. Pershard Owens) (M.a.o.s. Beats Remix)
13)[47:59]Yotto - The one you left behind (Yotto Mirage Mix)
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Супер музика🤸‍♀️😜Привіт з України!
Римма Литвинова
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khaldon fares
Still best in 2020!!!
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Oui c'est un Belle chonesons Merci pour le koktal
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abdenour younes
svp la music le nom ?? 18 min !!