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1991 NBA Finals Game 5 Los Angeles [email protected] Bulls

Dodano: 2017-03-19

Wyświetleń: 26533

Czas trwania: 01:40:10

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Opis materiału 1991 NBA Finals Game 5 Los Angeles [email protected] Bulls

                  Rewatch or discover the 1991 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan MVP.
With Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant vs James Worthy, Vlade Divac, Magic Johnson.                


John Ruggiero
This is why I watch NBA on YouTube because the new game SUCKS. For the. Ills after NY & Detroit playing a finesse lakers team must’ve felt like practice.
Giannis will win a finals vs LA most likely the lakers so Bron can pass him the torch! Lebron will win a finals in LA as well probably over Giannis.LA Lakers Magic won his 1st finals vs Dr J in the city of brotherly love A passing of the torch! Magic won 2nd title in LA over DR J and Dr J won his 1st nba title vs LA Lakers in LA in a sweep to say I still got a little something left like Jordan was supposed to do to Kobe in 1998 and Kobe was supposed to do to Lebron in 2009 or 2010! Jordan won his 1st finals vs Magic in LA another passing of the torch! Kobe got swept by Jazz didn’t make finals to lose to Jordan or win but torched was passed early that season to Kobe that all star game, but in 2000 Kobe won 1st title in LA! Lebron 1st title win was supposed to be vs LA Lakers in 2009 and 2010 a passing of the torch but Bron teams lost to lower seeds in the east when he was mvp on team with nba best record back to back seasons so Kobe got 2 more titles. Shit seems far fetched to some but I’ll put this here to see how it plays out!
Katrina Williams
most travels i've ever seen called in a NBA game
Adrian Roberts
Maaan listen!!! If everyone woke up the intro and Marv going with you to make your daily grind we all would be Champions !!!😂😂
Crazy how this was the end of a war and a new one began Lakers dominating to 80s and then the new bulls dominating the 90s
John Paxson closed out the Lakers in the final 4 minutes. Great clutch shooting by John Paxson.
John Thomas
I missed these days, Jordan at his best and Pippen holding it down
Adam Rea
Pippen shows his greatness. 2nd best small forward of all time (1. Lebron, 2. Pippen, 3. Dr. J, 4. Durant, Bird is a PF)
Chad Williams
I don’t see any close-lines or anyone being knocked on their ass
Jeff M
Pippens defense was incredible in this series. Also, tough break for the injuries on the lakers side. The broadcast is classic too, just how I remember it, “welcome to the NBA on nbc”