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Rimini Project Wake Up 2008

Dodano: 2008-06-30

Wyświetleń: 81953

Czas trwania: 03:39

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Opis materiału Rimini Project Wake Up 2008

                  Exclusive new Video Edit by Import Sound & Vision ( www.importsoundandvision.com )   ISV Video Mix by VJ Bigodao from the new Rimini Project - Wake Up Remix 2008                


probert salzburg
weis wer was von der gruppe ??? sie waren super genial, aber nichts im internet zu finden , weis nur österreichisches projekt mit niederlande !!
bang on tune makes me smile and a catchy tune
probert salzburg
Schade das es euch nicht mehr gibt :-( immer wieder gern eure musik horche
0:34 całowołbym !
Sergei Kritzien
I feel like in the 90-s again. But I'm sure Rimini wrote all of these after 2000. This is especially miraculous how they managed to keep this spirit alive. Well, that's dedicated to all who miss the 90-s.
Dont Tell BoB Music
All RIMINI PROJECT Releases and Albums have been "digital remastered" and are available from the 1st of February via all Download Shops incl. Amazon, Musicload, iTunes etc. !
probert salzburg
Gibts Rimini Project eigentlich noch?? Keine Webseite oder zu finden :-(
amazing!!! a 10+ rating :D
ta-ra-ri-ra-ra ta-ra-ri-ra-ra ;P Fantastic ;P