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Barenboim - Chopin Nocturne no.20

Dodano: 2007-11-22

Wyświetleń: 2783940

Czas trwania: 08:36

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Opis materiału Barenboim - Chopin Nocturne no.20

                  Frédéric Chopin-Nocturnes - Daniel Barenboim - Nocturne No.20 in C-sharp minor op.post. , Lento con gran espressione                


funda_ankara ****
My love chopin
Léone Coulon
Memo Mumb
Who’s watching in 2020?😀
Pretty metronomic version of 4'33'' at the end there. Too mechanical.
Pablo Cazin
2019 who still banging?
Peter Jansen
1.5k subscribers but 2.7-2.8 million views. Is this song so popular that this went viral? I play it myself, I was curious how others play it. I like to not listen too much to others playing it until I have developed my own style for a song, then I want to hear what others did and compare it with how I do it.
Danielle Rouaix
pensée pour le génie de Chopin et gratitude envers son interprète
Sadako Neko
Beautiful, soft, sweet... Only Chopin... 💕💕💕
Tempo perfecto
Pascale Bertier
Magnifique interprétation mais.. un dièse mal placé sur le la à la mesure 53 (ça arrive..)? D'autres auditeurs ont-ils la même impression? Quel est cet enregistrement, concert ou studio?