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The Witcher 3 OST - Ladies of the Woods (Extended)

Dodano: 2015-05-28

Wyświetleń: 1237786

Czas trwania: 08:36

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Opis materiału The Witcher 3 OST - Ladies of the Woods (Extended)

                  The Witcher 3 - Ladies of the Woods (Extended)

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Joan of Arc
This song still creeps me out 4 years later, and i fucking love it
Anyone know of any other Violin music that sounds eerie like this?
justin why?.
It was at this moment that i realised, witcher 3 is a masterpiece.
game of the decade and then cyberpunk will come
Shaheena Evelga
Happy to see in the comments that not just me was afraid of those Crones.I saw them, spoke to them and literally was so happy that i didnt had to fight them. I knew i would die if i tried. I knew they are out of the league the White Wolf plays in.And then in the end of the game you HAVE to fight them. I was so afraid....I think it was nice of CPR to have CIri fight them, i dont know if Geralt could hold a candle to them.
It’s not their repulsive appearance that frightened me the most, it was their behaviour and how they ruled over Velen and treated its people... In many of the quest you can see that the people feared them which absolutely petrified me. I though about how this was reflected on by the real world and that communities such as Crookback Bog and Velen really existed. Obviously not crones, but people were superstitious and believed in them in the dark ages and there definitely were isolated communities which sacrificed their own children and gave ‘offerings’ of their own mutilated body parts to idols. It guts me to thing what it would be like to live in such a time, it’s horrifying yo think about if I’m honest.
Furkan KOÇ
Really? 2019?
old school gamer
Best game I ever played truly.
Jean-Edouard Ahmedozzi
Your children are plump as piglets, sweet as caramel
Spadesilver 90
After replaying 4th time My Brain Resonates this Track than "Beast of Beauclair" .. lol saying this feels weird & idiotic Coz Beast of Beauclair; Hunt or be Hunted; Silver for Monsters were the tracks which possessed my Soul fr 4yrs.. & just yesterday I replayed from the start, Today I can't get this outta my Head.. There's something Amazing Abt Poland's Music hyms & tunes