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Sigma Nobody to Love Orchestra Cover

Dodano: 2014-04-25

Wyświetleń: 42745

Czas trwania: 04:40

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Opis materiału Sigma Nobody to Love Orchestra Cover

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This is a simulated version using a variety of different software plug ins and instruments to create the effect of a real orchestra being played.
I use East West Symphonic orchestra, Hollywood Strings, Woodwinds and Brass, Pianos and Violins, all inside the D.A.W Logic Pro X.
If you would like any requests please comment down below.

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Philou Mars
It look like music for funerals.
Jeanette Harvey
this is soooooo nice to chill too like this version tonnes 😊😊❤👌
Kenny Lang
Sheet music for this too? Lol
I'm happy that I've had a change to find you. Your first track I heard was 'Mr. Brightside', very important song of mine. During listening to this I knew I'll subscribe you and wait for more! You're giving all these songs new life and I really appreciate it :) High five from Poland!
Nicos tisch
This is awesome
What vst for strings?
Daiane Albuquerque
I am here in Brazil and I can not stop listening to it was beautiful ... loved ... Congratulations !!!
Shakira Smeaton
This makes me so happy :) 
Petar Puljiz
Amazing cover !!! I really liked it,is there any chance I could use it as soundtrack in my new film?You'll be credited.
Anja K
wow thats beautiful :)