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Jason Derulo - "Wiggle" feat. Snoop Dogg (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2014-05-21

Wyświetleń: 829017119

Czas trwania: 03:44

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Opis materiału Jason Derulo - "Wiggle" feat. Snoop Dogg (Official Music Video)

                  Jason Derulo’s "Everything Is 4" album is available now on iTunes. Download it here: http://www.smarturl.it/EverythingIs4
The album features smash hit “Want To Want Me” and brand new single "Get Ugly"! 

See below for the official tracklisting:
1. Want To Want Me
2. Cheyenne
3. Get Ugly
4. Pull Up 
5. Love Like That (Feat. K Michelle)
6. Painkiller (Feat Meghan Trainor)
7. Broke (Feat. Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban)
8. Try Me (Feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma)
9. Love Me Down
10. Trade Hearts (Feat. Julia Michaels) 
11. X2CU

Official Website: http://www.jasonderulo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonderulo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonderulo


Wind Stores
Anyone else 2020?
kingman 013
В смысле 2014? Я ведь токо вчера под него в школе танцевал😥
Mentari Putri
I come here after watch bts american hustle life eps jhope battle dance. Then i try to find the song, so here it is
Gaming Gang
2:17 Best part ever
Marissa Holland
It’s been years Me:searches up 2015 playlist
Count Roy
What were those girls wearing? Butt short jeans?
Melon iq
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle tu tu tu tuuu tuu tu
Serine Benhamza
pl implacávël
N O S T A L G I A!!!
1:38 that sound effect tho