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James Morrison- Valerie (cover)

Dodano: 2008-03-18

Wyświetleń: 126534

Czas trwania: 03:36

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Opis materiału James Morrison- Valerie (cover)

                  Cover of Valerie by James Morrison.
Originally by The Zuttons.


Most requests taken, just leave a msg. Usually up in no more than a week.                


We do a cover of James Morrison's song I Won't Let You Go as well as Valerie. So please look at both of them on our channel! James Morrison is amazing.
Lisa Waitoa
no disrepect to the Original singers but James sings this better as he does with everything that he covers, like Man in the Mirror and Wishing Well....and knocks me off my feet...i could go on and on but i wont lol
Best version Valerie: 1. Zutons 2. James Morrison 3. Amy Winehouse
Eduard van Beinum
Where the hell can I get all those cool James Morrison covers? Like Man in the Mirror and this one??
i like frankie cocoza's version on X_FACTOR but its not finished :( .. . .
@CookieCamCam the glee version (santana lopez) is the best .. better than zotuns .. amy.. who ever u name for that better !!
WackyFunk Munster
hellz yes james morrison
Algitya Widhiarso
eargasm it is..
I still prefer the original Zutons version. But this is better than Amy Winehouse's ^-^