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Ella Henderson - Ghost (Official Video)

Dodano: 2014-04-22

Wyświetleń: 96070454

Czas trwania: 03:58

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Opis materiału Ella Henderson - Ghost (Official Video)

                  'Ghost' is out now. Download it here: http://smarturl.it/EllaGhostiTunes


Music video by Ella Henderson performing Ghost. (C) 2014 Simco Limited                


Kadag S
So glad I got recommended with this in 2020 I love this song so much.
Radiant Lyrics
I remember watching this video when I was 8 now I’m 13 and I still love this song I will always cherish it bc it’s so good and has a powerful meaning behind it❤️😭
Anonymous Peaceful person
Is anyone caring for Ella or just making bad comments because her rivals Jay samuel smyth smith, Adrian and Robert, and Shawn are just being evil? I just wonder about relatives loyalty and who pays them to be evil! !!!!!! My sister left after Frozen but denied being Jay's girlfriend in the 80's!I remember the cows coming down our road, needing access to the fields and Jeff Karen opening the gate and my sister flickering her eyelids to Jay! Or I am wondering if she is frightened of Jay and refuses to speak out of FEAR! She always liked the rough ones! ie. The netherton bad boy who died! Or is she all behind it and the perpetrator as a porn in the musical Chess, dragged into believing her sister was so evil and so bad to call her and cut her off for no reason other than her sister's husband demanded it!!!!? Did she believe that I was the bad person that was a jpsame and unsuppotive sister and unloyal to our clan? Or did she not give a monkeys and just pretended all along???? I kind of think she was frightened of her ex whom I am now attached to because of her! I hope she is happy and her family is happy and happy to declare her sister a delusional person because she was previously persecuted!!!!! I was always into the goody too shoes! Andy! and the likes! I just wonder when this nightmare is going to end!!!!! I blame the vengeful people for lashing out for their pain!
mark runnalls
For a minute..I thought the start was a Royal marines recruiting add.. 🤣👍
Moonlight Galaxy
2020 anyone?
Felipe Suardi
Jessica dirks
I Love this song
Isauro Dominguez
Why haven’t I been listening to this song
Katherine Kass
Revisiting 'Ghost' Elle Henderson's song and video over and over.....I still wonder and ponder...... In the video are they at a cheap motel 6 or just a bad hunting trip?!?!
Rami Al-guboury
2020 this song still my favorite