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Ella Eyre - Comeback (lyric video)

Dodano: 2014-08-06

Wyświetleń: 1975625

Czas trwania: 03:20

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Opis materiału Ella Eyre - Comeback (lyric video)

                  New single Ego featuring Ty Dolla $ign OUT NOW
Listen now : https://EllaEyre.lnk.to/EgoID

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Tuane Ribeiro
2019 \○/
Vitoria Silva
Here because of acapella group: Pitch Please!!! Best cover ever 😭😭😭
Audrée Girard
At first I thought it was Demi Lovato singing this song! Glad to see it’s a artist that I never knew of, a new discovery in my music playlist now!
Mogoone Nkape
true that ella they always come back
Motherfuckers always come back.Bitches always come back. Get your shit together and wait for it. Correct me if I'm wrong
hey...not all men are like this!!some of us are just really really ugly tho
Wyo się watching in 2017? :)
Nia Castro
This song helped me get over a cheating now ex. You rock Ella <3
Andreja Petrovic
This song is good,but it kinda pisses me off.Like..not all guys are the same.Far from that.And we don't always come back:)