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Dodano: 2010-12-05

Wyświetleń: 130749

Czas trwania: 02:03

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Opis materiału Bob Luman LET'S THINK ABOUT LIVIN'

                  This is a song from the late, great Bob Luman.  I like how it pokes at some other famous hits in a light-hearted way.  Mr Luman orginally recorded this in 1960.  I took this from my LET'S THINK ABOUT LIVIN ALBULM                


Ockie Ditchbank
Ockie Ditchbank
One of my all-time favorite songs.  Bob rerecorded this in the 70's on another label, but it was pure crap compared to this original!
spot on  ,stuff the rest ,Aussie slang.
nahmanini sithole
I think upbeat, happy songs have been outlawed. Younger generation is too serious and sad. I love messing with them a little bit! They don't know they are being programed to become no spine Europeans like the French. Glad I missed it. Love these songs!
Gary Marquis
Again, this song was a smash hit, in my home anyway, how can 35 listeners not like this?  Don't respond if you are a snowflake.....
Gary Marquis
see my earlier post...This song was such a smash hit back in the day...
Gary Marquis
I grew up as a small kid listening to my mom play this record many times over.  What great times and music there were....
Joshua Ennis
theres a song with this simular toon that played on the raidio but ive been searching for 3 years and i still cant find it its about a guy likeing a girl but she dont like her and hes talkin about dieing but in the funny way lol
Gary Marquis
Hey, i was a youngster when my mom and dad, played this song, on a 45 rpm,  many times over in our home. I still love and play this and many other songs from "the day."  It's all relevant...trust me.  Love your parents, I still love mine, GOD rest their souls.
Bob Luman was only in his early 40s with he died in 1978.  Way too young!  What a shame.