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O Dio Mio - Annette

Dodano: 2008-09-23

Wyświetleń: 73069

Czas trwania: 02:48

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Opis materiału O Dio Mio - Annette

                  O Dio Mio sang By Annette                


Tacky little voice.
Lps Riley
I love this song very beautiful
This hit from Annette Funicello went to #10 on the Top 40 charts and to #13 on the Cashbox charts. It would finish at #88 for the year, 1960.
Annette was --I know, I was only one of millions --my very 1st real crush. and, how could she not be ? A cute Italian girl who didn't change her name , & who's looks & figure could stop traffic.  OMG, I loved this song--I own the 45 still. -----------------Wolfsky9, 69 y/o
Jeff Lipinski
Love this by this darling angel..
Danny Hazlett
Goose Bumps Every Time A+
John Verge
-la estoy escuchando bien grifito & me gusto :3
Heather Langevin
This has ALWAYS been one of my favourite songs. Annette has ALWAYS been one of my favourite stars and I was in TWO of Her fan clubs over the years. It was so nice of you to share this with us. Rest In Peace Annette. We ALL love you and you will certainly be missed.
Robei Josephson
RIP sweet angel...."MS" is not controlling you anymore...