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LIVE - Freddie - Pioneer (Hungary) at the Grand Final

Dodano: 2016-05-14

Wyświetleń: 2923857

Czas trwania: 03:15

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Opis materiału LIVE - Freddie - Pioneer (Hungary) at the Grand Final

                  Add or Download the song to your own playlist: https://ESC2016.lnk.to/Eurovision2016QV
Download the karaoke version here: https://KaraokeEurovisionSongContestUMGDK.lnk.to/kbnaNYD 

Freddie represents Hungary at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song Pioneer                


Zoltán Horváth
Victoria Chumak
very great song! i like it so much! My favourite
Karolina Karelina
Love Hungary 🇭🇺 so much❤️(From Russia 🇷🇺)
Szabi Bengyik
Nagyon jó
christopher -
Soo underrated
gamer Leveskocka
Ez  jó
Lesley Robson
Only song I downloaded that year. In fact I got his entire album! Love from the UK!
sloesnae aésthetic
soo hotttttt omgggh im so gayy
Lil Max
From the outside he reminds me of Zayn but his voice reminds me of Nickelback
Lil Max
Zayn Malik? Is that you but 1000 times hotter