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IMAGE OF A GIRL ~ The Safaris (1960)

Dodano: 2010-05-29

Wyświetleń: 354134

Czas trwania: 02:37

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Opis materiału IMAGE OF A GIRL ~ The Safaris (1960)

                  "Image Of A Girl" ~ The Safaris 1(960) Eldo Records #101 (Hollywood, California). (Flip of "Four Steps To Love")

This Los Angeles vocal group was led by the great, Jimmy Stephens and the Eldo Records Corp. was set up by band leader/ composer/ vocalist, Johnny Otis.


Robert Santorelli
this is one of those songs where the priest tapped you on the shoulder and said "make room for the holy ghost"
Eolo Nizzi
50's and 60's great years for oldies!!
Kari De Vita
I have searched for this song and the artist. a song that touches my soul!
Mei Ling Moore
This is true story: When that song came out in 1960, I was 13. I thought "if only I could meet a boy like that who would love me that much". Fast forward to 2004 ... and I met Marv Rosenberg who wrote the song (but didn't sing lead, only backup) We dated for awhile. Lovely person, huge heart. The group now, performs along with Ladd Vance and his dad Kenny Vance! https://www.facebook.com/MarvRosenbergsSafaris/?ref=br_rs
Summer of '60, I was 13 y/o, heading for 14. Life was all about being a " Teenager" !! ----------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o
Buddy A
incredible song!
Milagros Zervos
I was 12 years old! Wow! Never get tired of that song. Love it.
George Bobb
What happened to America ? It became a Liberal cesspool filled with lazy , whineing , honorless, self entitled assholes, that's what happened. Listen to the white mans music. Filled with moaners and groaners. Never in the history of musical entertainment , has there been so many talent less frauds masquerading as Super Stars and so many morons to stupid to see it happening.Be glad that we as pre and young teens we're able to enjoy the very early 60's. Late 63 with the Kennedy assassination, The fabricated "Tonkin Gulf" incident of August 64 which led to the monster which devoured sixty- four thousand GI's was the beginning of the end of the America that we knew. Adiose amigos ! Bend over and kiss your ass good bye.
Joseph F Danza
1960 wow turn of the decade, I was a Freshman in HS and this song was playing all around the City--NYC...
Elizabeth Hann
I think I know what this song is: it's the doo-wop forerunner of Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna." Think about it.