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Nightcore - IGNITE

Dodano: 2014-10-29

Wyświetleń: 1596065

Czas trwania: 03:38

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Opis materiału Nightcore - IGNITE

                  This is my new channel from StepzLoli Nightcore



Artist : Aoi Eir
Anime : Sword Art Online 2 / Sword Art Online II


Download This Song : https://mega.nz/#!DZcQSLxT!NUpNuLiyDk...


Download All Song : https://mega.nz/#F!DIFA3QTb!Dw8KhsxWaYM9eqI7NRlSsA


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xMigz XD
this is just perfect
this is the op right?
XxGalaxyGamerZxX //Gaming
Asuna or sinonId pick sinon
was looking for the league version but as an sao fan, this works too xD, was wondering why sinon was in thumbnail
Nety Herawati
My love this song nightcore-IGNITE😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😘😘
Crystal _Kun
Just have to say that Sinon is my fav character of all time
Otaku Dream
One of my absolute FAVOURITE openings, and one of my absolute FAVOURITE ANIMES!!!! I've been told to shut up, because I can't stop singing this
Stef GReece
I don't think that this song had to be a nightcore version but that's my opinion
This music is really fast and you up this with some Nightcore --'
Clau Sun
With what application do you do it?