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Purple Rain - Prince Lyrics

Dodano: 2017-07-18

Wyświetleń: 1468666

Czas trwania: 04:36

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Morales Teresita
Really..... What did that song actually mean????No te quiero causar dolor ni tristeza. Solo quería verte reir en la lluvia purpura. No queria ser tu amante de fin de semana . Solo quería ser tú amigo, y la amistad tuvo que terminar. Lluvia purpura, lluvia purpura. ...........
Jayla D
How did he die
Good sht man! Long live prince, keep him alive!
Kathleen Rose
Beautiful.. song.
Sierra O'Bryan
I love the prince
Carol Lusk
I Love Prince!!!! Always have, Always will.. ❤.. I miss him so much. I watch the movie every time it is on.. AND.. This is my Favorite Song. I Miss You & Love You! "FOREVER AND ALWAYS "!!!! ❤💜😚
Sydney Korth
he did not deserve to die
Marta SM
Prince was so perfect his voice was wonderfull my mom and I miss him so much.
Tiffany Major