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Anita Bryant - In My Little Corner Of The World

Dodano: 2011-07-01

Wyświetleń: 190068

Czas trwania: 02:40

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Opis materiału Anita Bryant - In My Little Corner Of The World



David Walsh
The best version of this song is by Ruby Murray.
William Ruha
Anita Bryant is fully entitled to her Biblically-based belief in the integrity of male-female vs. same-sex marriage.  Those who decry her intolerance should recognize that, unlike themselves, she never expressed hatred of any kind.  She always displayed the Christian principle of "Forgive the sinner; fault the sin."  That she became the lightening rod for such intense irrational negative emotion is more a reflection on the intolerance and indeed intense hatred of her detractors than it was or is, of her.  Find forgiveness in your heart for Anita Bryant.  And fully enjoy the God-given beauty of her immaculate musical voice.
Ruth Boykin
She had an amazing voice, loved so many of her songs..judgemental and was judged and her career went down..all she had to do was sing! Why can't everyone enjoy life!
Milton Moore
This immortal song was composed by LeePockriss and written by Bob Hilliard. Lee Pockriss, who wasborn in Brooklyn,New York City and died at age 87 in2011 from a long illness, also com-posed the music for CATCH A FALLING STAR (Perry Como), JOHNNY ANGEL (Shelley Fabares),OUR DAY WILL COME (Ruby & THE ROMANTICS),IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS OFTHE MORNING,DEAR HEARTS & GENTLE PEOPLE(Jim Reeves), MYSUMMER LOVE, and ITSY BITSY TEENY WEENIE YELLOW POLKA DOT BIKINI(BrianHyland) etc. BOB HILLIARD(Hilliard Goldsmith) wrotethe lyrics for BOUQUET OF ROSES, A POOR MAN'S ROSES, (Patsy Cline), HOW DO YOU SPEAK TO ANANGEL (Dean Martin), and theWalt Disney filmALICE IN WONDERLAND, etc. He was bornin Brooklyn, NewYork City in 1911and died in Hollywood, California aged 53 in 1971. God waswhispering in these songwriter'sears, and His angels themselves were listening in as this recording was being made!😃😃
George Bobb
liberal assholed
Lil Monster #Soutar
New ZealandNo seriously look at the world map in the corner of the map is New ZealandXD
bonnie bianco
we are yet to better these songs. next is donna loren.
Donalda Johnson
Lovely song
Delete the Elites
She was nobody's fool...
Milton Moore
Finest qualityvideo of thiswonderful song I have found onyou tube. WhenGod was handing out thebeautiful voices, Anita Bryant was among the firstin line! (This immortal songwas composedby Lee Pockrissand Bob Hilliard.)