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gregorian scarborough fair

Dodano: 2009-06-30

Wyświetleń: 1341725

Czas trwania: 04:52

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Opis materiału gregorian scarborough fair

                  gregorian scarborough fair                


Terenia Weronika
German Band Gregorian performing chants in old style but often now is inspired by modern POP and rock music/songs. I admire this German Band.
Max Tchola
The song just go deep in my soul. The melody can heal the wounds of death.
John Cspine
Got chills down my spine
luiza zampieri
Em um tempo de incertezas e a loucura do dia a dia nos refugiados em músicas que acalentem um pouco nossa alma, mas acima de tudo em Deus! Louvado seja o Deus de Israel!!!
Layon Geymes
Espetacular com esse canto.
Terenia Weronika
Gregorian's real Masters of beautiful chant. Thumbs Up.
Light Switch
it's nice cover of the simon and garfunkle version but i was hoping it would have the original lyrics
james werbiski
Take a look at the future and well you see what i said from the beginning when we told you to prostrate yourself and ilbees would not ...We are 40 million strong and you do the math Enrico BIG HURT
Davy Epson
Nice rendition, although Canticle merges too much into Scarborough Fair. Canticle might have benefited from being sung instead by women to give it that needed distinction.