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Evanescence - Hello

Dodano: 2007-02-12

Wyświetleń: 30939476

Czas trwania: 03:41

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Opis materiału Evanescence - Hello

                  *Update* Thanks for the 4 million views!!!

For all of you that like this video i've uploaded a new Evanescence mix vid to the song 'Like You', and i've done one for 'Breathe No More' too - It's the blue video response - Be sure to check it out!

Anyway back to the description:
This is an Evanescence mix vid made by me =D. Hope you like it! 

The song is 'Hello' by Evanescence off of the Fallen album. 
The vids I used were: 
Bring me to life, 
Going under, 
Everybody's fool, 
My Immortal, 
Call me when you're sober 
and Lithium. 

The program I used to edit is CyberLink PowerDirector. 

Took about 5 hrs to make, i'd appriciate any comments and rates left. 


Honours (it's in that category because originally I made it for a blog):
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Sara Tabatabaei
Has no one told you she's not breathing. ..
Evanescence, my childhood. <3
Emilce Lopez
Live to music evaneces
Zeynep Caglayan
again again again...
vincent feng
This song is so deep that even Adele can't roll in it.
Davi Ramos
essa musica me incino como ser uma pessoa melhor mais ao mesmo tempo fria 😇✌✌✌👊👊👊
Jose Alfredo García
my girl cried her eyes out listening to this.it is just how she felt when her grandma dies and that was the only person in her family she was close to.
Paul Pugh
Would love for Amy lee to do a James bond song she is amazing with her voice
Corinne Besson
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Francy Elena Rodriguez García
Recorda que el adios es el ultimo aliento