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Jackie Wilson "Stop Doggin' Me Around"

Dodano: 2007-12-21

Wyświetleń: 1484952

Czas trwania: 02:54

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Opis materiału Jackie Wilson "Stop Doggin' Me Around"

                  Jackie Wilson slide show, dedicated to my Mum Faye & My Aunt JoAnn, who introduced me to Jackie Wilson and to my late grandmother, Vivian, who was Jackie Wilson's #1 Fan!!!!!                


Nope Uh uh
Vee Foster
He was a phenomenal singer. The R & B singers of today cannot hold a candle to him. It is bittersweet to watch his videos because at the time when he was putting out this great music, he didn't know he was being swindled. Also, it would be great if a movie and/or Broadway play were done about his life and music.
Erkan Demir
thank you videorecommendation
Dianne Banks
great classic the years
Gary Esposito
The first time I heard this song I should of pulled my car over, as I couldn't believe how great his voice was and almost wrecked into another car! His voice was a cross between Enrico Caruso and Marvin Gaye Also, I would give my anything to dance like him! There will never be another Jackie Wilson!!!
Deborah Murphy
Oh my!
Nite Rocks
This was his best song in my opinion. "To Be Loved" was his second best. In my opinion.
Aiysha Davis
fun listening to late dick clark,frankie lymon and Jackie Wilson all in heaven trying to out sing and dance each other that is the concert of the century.
They don't make songs this slow anymore! What is the tempo on this