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"Urgent" Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones(Foreigner)@MSGarden New York 1/11/18

Dodano: 2018-01-12

Wyświetleń: 78044

Czas trwania: 06:13

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Opis materiału "Urgent" Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones(Foreigner)@MSGarden New York 1/11/18

                  Urgent, Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones (Original Members of Foreigner), Madison Square Garden, New York, January 11th, 2018; MSG Residency                


That was awesome!!!
Alex Zherikhov
Tommy Byrnes plays on a guitar?
Mario M.
Unglaublich, dass Lou Gramm wieder aufgetreten ist. Er hatte doch eine Zeit lang mit Kehlkopfkrebs zu kämpfen. Genial ihn wieder zu sehen. 😀👍🏻
Steve Rogers
Lou brought it.
Niall McEntee
Great to see Lou Gramm back on stage again after all his health problems
David Siler
Lou sounds great,a few years ago it was painful to watch ,he must have had therapy,a lot better ,good job .
You go Lou! Putting all the doubters to shame...
Darren hill
Lou still the manMany thanks to Billy Joel and mark on the sax Blow baby blow
bob smartson
mick jones could have been a tad nicer i.e acknowledging lou gram, he always was the douchebag of the band, fairlywell left lou for dead and he had to work his ass off to get to a small amount of what he was once again. at the end of the song i wouldhave just knocked mick out.