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"Cold as Ice" Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones(Foreigner)@MSGarden New York 1/11/18

Dodano: 2018-01-12

Wyświetleń: 29556

Czas trwania: 06:04

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Opis materiału "Cold as Ice" Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones(Foreigner)@MSGarden New York 1/11/18

                  Cold as Ice, Billy Joel & Lou Gramm & Mick Jones (Original Members of Foreigner), Madison Square Garden, New York, January 11th, 2018; MSG Residency                


If anyone is interested in joining a fan page dedicated to the original line-up of Foreigner, just look us up on Facebook or use this link-https://www.facebook.com/groups/541168609360804/
Rob Donison
Lou Gramm is still off the chain, co-writer of many of foreigner's big hits!
Eivind Remman
Tears in my eyes. This is very nice to see. The tone is getting back and i cant stop smiling :-)
Donald Lutkin
It's been a long tough road for Lou Gramm to get to this point. His voice has gotten better since his ordeal with cancer almost destroying it. God bless him he deserves to sing like a bird like he did in the 70's.
Wow so good to see these guys back together. So many great songs!!!!!! Now we need a full time reunion tour!!!! Very nice of Mr. Joel to share the stage.
Kevin D
Billy still sounding great
Awesome! Billy Joel owns New York! Love how he respects other great musicians.
Raul Ferreira
Lou gramm the voice of the Foreigner!!! He is very well ! I would like to see a possible the return his for the Foreigner!!!
Derek Felix
This is awesome to see. It brings chills. They sound great. Thank you Billy!
Frank Krank
He fucking kicked Brain Cancer! 10/10 from me Lou.