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Sabaton - In The Army Now (lyrics) HD

Dodano: 2015-10-04

Wyświetleń: 104322

Czas trwania: 03:59

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Yre in the army lol He dont gave a Good voice just saying
Lancer Lt Shepherd
signs name on army contractarmy recruiter: ive got yo ass now.that comes from a video.
Lancer Lt Shepherd
Alpha India MikeHotel India Golf HotelAlpha India Romeo Mike Alpha November
Lancer Lt Shepherd
somone make a parody about the airforce
Alexander Dellorto
Anyone knows what this songs about? Cant put my finger on it?
Krogan Honnor
If i have kids one day and they enlist, I'll take them to Canada and confiscate thier drivers licenses. F*** America... I'm NOT letting my kids go off to die on the other side of the planet. And if they some how go and come back alive, then I'll disown them for making me worry. I'd rather go then let my kids. Better me then them. (Can you tell that I'm THAT kind of guy).
Abraham Lincoln
Uncle Sam?
I into the armed forces too much, my mom thinks I'm insane.
Sarajane Lessard
Your lyrics are really perfect, the sentences come in the good time and left in the goos time. Good job, some people must take exemple on you ;-)
I be the fuck up in hte militaryPRIVATE (insert real name) I DID NOT SEE YOU AT CAMO TRAININGMe: SIR THANK YOU SIR