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Professor Green, Tori Kelly - Lullaby ft. Tori Kelly

Dodano: 2014-08-07

Wyświetleń: 18290734

Czas trwania: 04:59

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Opis materiału Professor Green, Tori Kelly - Lullaby ft. Tori Kelly

                  ‘Lullaby’ ft. Tori Kelly is released 14th September 2014. Pre-order now http://po.st/Lullaby
Get 'I Need Church' and 'Not Your Man' instantly when you pre-order 'Growing Up In Public' on iTunes or Amazon. Released 21st September. 
iTunes: http://po.st/GUIPitunes 
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New tour dates: http://po.st/ProGreenTour 


Music video by Professor Green performing Lullaby. (C) 2014 Virgin Records Ltd
Best of Professor Green: https://goo.gl/MPLtjE
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/PkrjfM                


He looks like Peter Barlow of corrie LMAO! 😂😂
Melissa Sinclair
2018 ???
Elvis Prestley
It started out good then turned to junk when he started trying to talk
Dawn Hadfield
I lost my mum to suicide just under a year ago the most difficult thing i ever had to deal with this song gets me everytime miss u so much mum loveyou forever xxxxxxx
michael areola
Wow... in need of a daily dose of "man up". The chorus just smacks you in the face!
Cremate Comcast
for anyone who needs some advice or just someone to talk to, my snapchat is "isptool"ive had a lot of ups and downs and im happy to be here for anyone who needs it. just know your not alone and someone, somewhere in this world is probably going through something similar to you. there are many people willing to help you in the world and willing to talk you out of doing something you'll maybe regret later. in the song, professor green basically says he is bottling it inside because he is afraid of being judged or called weak. but that is not true. bottling it inside is not the answer. you will never be weak for not talking to someone you trust about how you feel. i thought the same. and i learned the hard way. please like my comment so other people can see it, and maybe consider talking to me, or someone they trust. and possibly save lives.
Pinkittens2 xoxo
literlly mde me cry
Peter Palfremam
Best brittish rapper then devlin imo
Shannon Tucker
Jack Torrance