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Elena feat. Glance - Mamma mia (He's italiano) Official Video

Dodano: 2014-05-21

Wyświetleń: 42364976

Czas trwania: 03:43

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Opis materiału Elena feat. Glance - Mamma mia (He's italiano) Official Video

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MoRk tUNa Is LIfe
My best friend was polish and she made me listen to this 2 years ago and told me it was popular in Poland and she really likes it. Thanks to her I listen to this song a lot. It’s extremely catchy and I like it. Sad thing is that I’m not friends with her anymore. I miss her but she turned into one of those fake people who ditches their old friends and tries to act all popular. I really miss her and I found this song again and it reminds me of her. Wishing I could go back to 2 years ago.
Lunar Revel
Oh Mamma Mia! Comments are Polish'ano! 😵
Mîгκø Cåгđïłæ
Italian 🇮🇹
Nadea Paladi
Katrzyna Bula
Xx Cärmën Xx
Dacă ştie cineva cum îl cheama pe "Toni" in realitate va rog sa-mi spuneți.L-am vazut in multe clipuri si chiar vreau sa stiu cum il cheama.If anyone knows how it's reality name of "Tony", please tell me. I've seen him in many clips and I really want to know what he's name.
Natalia Cabrera
Marius Calin
Foarte frumoasa melodia
Medlin Medlin
Medlin Medlin
O adorrrrr