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Chlöe Howl - Disappointed (Official Video)

Dodano: 2016-06-25

Wyświetleń: 45901

Czas trwania: 03:16

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Opis materiału Chlöe Howl - Disappointed (Official Video)

                  Music video by Chlöe Howl performing Disappointed.                


I feel sorry for the guy. I know he's wrong, but he just has that vulnerable aura about him.Wrong casting maybe .....
I love you Chlöe Howl <3
I love this song, but it really deserved a better, more dramatic video. The video is like she should be singing a Ke$ha song.
curt wall
when is chloe's debut album heard was meant to come out in 2014 but left the label so will there be a debut album
Emma's Music
If you ever read this, we're still waiting for you to come back, Chloe. We are, in fact, NOT disappointed, but waiting for your wonderful music to return!
Diego Bolt
chloe howl is so much hotter than any of them girls, the one who did chloe wrong is a fool, would take her out anyday
But I dont think its her fault... I just wanted to know what really happened
I miss her. I got all upset when her music videos were deleted...
Bernabé Andrade
I love her, but she didn't make music since 2015...
I love you Chloe <3